Below is small selection of testimonials from Clean Plate Culinary customers:

Natasha Bernardez and Clean Plate Culinary have been working with the Eating Disorder Treatment of New York (EDTNY), a Monte Nido Affiliate. She not only hosted our open house prior to the opening of the facility but she provides meals for the clients and staff four days out of the week. Our clientele suffers from Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and other related eating disorders. Our treatment program depends on consistency, reliability and nutritional quality. Mr. Bernandez and Clean Plate Culinary have exceeded our expectations.

Portion sizes are a vital part of our work at EDTNY and we needed a chef that would be able to provide specific and accurate quantities of food to support each client’s nutritional recovery. We individualize treatment for each client, which usually is reflected on the menus. Her team may get 12 menus that are all different in someway but they are able to execute them perfectly and accurately.

She was also able to work with our dieticians and our staff to blend a variety of culinary influences into a rotation of menus that addressed the specific clinical needs of our clientele. This variety of meals gives our clients a chance to try different cuisines that help to approximate the range of “real world” nutrition choices.

She and her staff are always on time. She is extremely organized and will take the time to discuss any of a number of formidable issues involved in delivering a meal, re-heating a meal or special instructions for a particular request. She has been extraordinarily responsive to our feedback and comments.

Natasha Bernardez and her Clean Plate Culinary team are amazing and highly professional. Any facility, event and/or person would be lucky to have the team showcase their food at any type of event.



I wanted to take the time out from my busy schedule to personally thank you for a wonderfully successful event.

After the great reception the Bank received for your delightful healthy cooking presentation, the Bank was confident that would exceed all of our expectations if given the opportunity to host our annual health and wellness event.  Your take on the Vegetable Asian dumpling and  CP Culinary Specialty homemade lemonade won everyone’s praises.

Not only were your food options delightful, but your team managed to arrange for several specialists  in order to create a successful wellness event. 

DZ BANK looks forward to your hosting our 2014 event.  We wish you and your team  continued success in your future culinary endeavors

Theresa Powell

Assistant Vice President

Human Resources

It was a pleasure and a thrill to attend your last culinary private cooking class. I was impressed with the amount of information regarding health, diet, weight and shopping tips that you were able to integrate with the overall practical viewpoint of the class.
Besides your talent, your enthusiasm and pleasant personality played a large part, too.
Please accept my heartiest appreciation and my congratulations for a job well done!

Love and Best Wishes,
Anne Marie Irving, retired RN

This letter of recommendation is for Chef Natasha Bernardez of Clean Plate Culinary. She did an excellent job hosting a healthy pizza party for my daughter’s birthday in September 2011. She gave a brief and fun history lesson on pizza and why we should choose natural and fresh ingredients. The setup was beautiful and she provided an array of nutritious and tasty toppings which appealed to both the parents and children. She assisted each child with rolling out their own whole wheat pizza dough and creating their own unique pizza. Each one was cooked on the grill and I was impressed with how tasty it was. She has made a believer out of me when it comes to using fresh and not processed ingredients in your cooking. I plan on using her services in the near future by hosting a cooking class for busy moms like myself.

Natasha is organized and creative. She worked diligently to plan the menu and activity for the birthday party. I found her to be personable, knowledgeable, and professional at her craft. I like to support entrepreneurs in my community. I would highly recommend Chef Bernardez and her holistic approach to eating to anyone.

Czesty Tyes, GAP Brand Manager