Personal Chef Services


Cooking every day could be a pain for some people.  Few have the time, patience, or desire to so.  The question of what to have for dinner haunts people from all walks of life. The question begins in the morning, and by the end of daylight hours, it demands an answer.

Clean Plate Culinary is your guide for preparing healthy, great-tasting meals available at a moment’s notice.  Clean Plate Culinary specializes in several dietary approaches to create an experience to meet our clients’ specific needs. We specialize in meals for weight loss/gain, portion, diabetes, cancer, detox, cleanses, high blood pressure and more.

The expertise of our nutritionist, naturopathic experts and other practitioners allows us to create comprehensive meals for all of our clients.  For an affordable price we will customize, prepare and deliver meals to your home or office with simple reheating instructions.  We also provide onsite services upon request.  We bring the convenience of having your private chef service without the high end cost and messy kitchen.  Our clients trust our expert chefs to create delicious dishes that are healthy alternatives.  All meals are made from scratch using the freshest ingredients available in season.

The company specializes in raw foods, vegetarian, vegan, farm-to-table, natural and organic choices.  We serve the Tri-State area including Northern New Jersey.  Our reputation and growth is a result of our attention to detail, our focus on quality gourmet food, and our friendly professional services.  As a full service culinary team, we will do what it is necessary to ensure our clients’ expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

Lunch/Dinner Box Meal Delivery

After completing and submitting your personal information you will be contacted by a Clean Plate Culinary liaison. The liaison will set up menu preferences, determine any dietary restrictions and confirm a starting date.

Clean Plate Culinary will deliver Market Fresh meal and Flavorful snacks to your doorstep daily, office. Using the freshest quality product we provide our customer with a variety of dishes during your programs subscription.  . Our chefs are experts at creating healthy, tasty kid friendly meals. You will receive a stylish cooler/bag containing your properly labeled meal and snacks along with reheating instructions.

We also provide lunch meals for Children all perfectly packaged in our re usable lunch boxes. We understand the importance of children eating wholesome meals that is both nutritious and delicious.