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Let us Help You meet your goals with Ease. We will customize your meals according to your needs in order to guarantee success with your regiment.  Clean Plate Culinary is now creating an array of items from juices, teas, soups, stews  and other culinary items to help you on your quest for better health. Let our culinary team create delicious meals that are both slimming and tasty. Take the hassle and stress out of your new years goals, while you eat your way to better health.


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We are also booking private classes and services focused on your goals.

We have also partnered with several experts in the industry to bring an Amazing Weight Loss/Weight Management Service to increase the success of your goals.



MaryMary Drayton. ND, NP L. Ac. MSTOM

Mary Drayton is an experienced dedicated healthcare professional who has devoted the past 20 years to the care of the terminally ill and dying. As a Palliative care nurse practitioner specializing in pain and symptom management she is well versed in the western treatment approach to medical diseases. Her desire to be able to provide other forms of treatment cane about after witnessing patients and families suffering through treatment related side effects, which at times seemed to inflict more pain and discomfort than the illness. This led her to the pursuit of alternative medicine in the form of acupuncture, which research has found to be an effective form of treatment in multiple disease processes. A graduate of the Long Island University, Hunter College and New York University School of continuing education, she earned her BSN, MSN and postgraduate degrees in Nursing with specialty areas in psychiatry and palliative care. She is also a Graduate of SUNY Downstate school of family therapy. In December of 2008 Ms. Drayton received a Master’s degree in Traditional Oriental medicine. This led her to receiving her license in Acupuncture in New York State.  Most recently Ms. Drayton received her Ph.D. in Naturalist medicine from the Kingdom College. Ms. Drayton strongly believes in the blending of both western and eastern medicine, in the treatment of pain and symptoms associated with all forms of mental and physical illnesses. Patient s and families have become more educated consumers and are seeking healthcare alternatives; there should be no barriers to providing the very best on the utilization of both treatment modalities.


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JJJacqui Justice holds an M.S. and C.N.S. in Clinical Nutrition, as well as, a certification in Functional Clinical Nutrition from Designs For Health Institute. One of the New York areas leading Nutritionists, Jacqui has been in private practice since 1996 with offices in Eastchester, Scarsdale and Greenwich, CT.  Specializing in Weight Loss Resistance, Digestive Wellness and Menopause Management, Jacqui’s focus is on identifying and addressing her clients underlying factors and then designing a sound customized plan to help them reach and maintain their wellness goals.   In addition to her private practice, Jacqui is the Director of Nutrition of Women’s Healthy Hormones, a popular public speaker and health educator. Jacqui has been featured in the New York Times, The Journal News, Women’s News, Westchester Magazine, Serendipity Magazine, and various local publications.  She is a contributing author on the DailyOm with her best-selling Mojo Weight Loss course and her upcoming Mojo4Menopause. Jacqui is the founder and CEO of Mojo4Life, an inspirational, motivational, and totally fun online community that empowers women to recapture their lost mojos and be the sassy, sexy, self-confident and strong women they were always meant to be.

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Anthoy Gittens has worked as a personal trainer in the New York metropolitan area for seventeen years since leaving the Marine Corps after eight years of service. I earned a bachelor’s degree in business management before completing a six-month, 1000-hour, intensive massage therapy course at Finger Lakes School of Massage and gaining NY state licensure as a massage therapist.
It is his goal along with his team of fitness professionals to bring appropriate and effective training to everyone we come in contact with, regardless of body type, ability, age, or weight.  My team and I believe in listening closely to what someone wants to accomplish — and why.   We get great satisfaction from helping people grow in strength, serenity and competence in fitness  and health.
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Lesley L. Rennis, EdD, MPH is an Associate Professor, Wellness Coach and Group Fitness Instructor.  She has over 15 years of experience in health education and wellness.  She enjoys educating individuals on a full range of health topics and inspiring her students and clients to consider their role in achieving optimal health in all areas of their lives.  Lesley received both her masters and doctorate degrees from Columbia University and maintains a wellness coaching certification, AFAA group fitness instructor certification and intenSati leader certification.  She believes in taking care of the whole body and stresses the importance of creating an environment to allow the body to function optimally.