About Us

About Us

Using a unique service tailored to your family’s needs we will help you to remove unhealthy foods and products from your diet, replace them with real foods that will nourish and heal your body, rediscover traditional cooking methods and re-establish a healthy home. We specialize in several dietary approaches to create an experience to meet your specific needs. Entrust all the planning and execution to us as our expert chefs are versed in recreating dished into delicious healthy alternatives. Our  Experts offers quality meals all made from scratch using the freshest ingredients. 

 Our Mission

Clean Plate Culinary’s mission is to encourage personal and collective culinary creativity, while providing a top class farm to table dining experience with flawless execution. We service the Westchester County, New York City, Southern Connecticut and Northern New Jersey area.  With Clean Plate Culinary running your event, the food will be fresh and delicious, the service will be excellent and your guests will be wowed.

About the Founder

From the time Natasha was a child she has always had a passion and love for food. Watching her grandmother she fell in love with her eclectic meals along with her father’s love for fitness training and body building. It was inherent that Natasha was destined to cook healthy delicious food. The saying nothing happens before it time, has proven to be true in her life, as God has taken through a journey of life experiences to solidify her calling to teach others about food and health. Determined to return to her calling, in 2007 she decided to take classes at the French Culinary Institute and use this information to volunteer teaching food and health classes in the community. This then fueled the fire for her to take it even further and lead her to the Natural Gourmet-School for Health and Culinary Arts where she studied directly under Dr. Annemarie Colbin the founder of the Natural Gourmet.

Natasha Bernardez is a graduate from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts where she studied to learn Alternative Nutrition methodologies and Food Therapy. She is also a trained Food Stylist and Writer.  Natasha holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Management coupled with her MBA degree in Management. Natasha is currently working on become a certified Aroma-therapist. She was awarded a James Beard Scholarship in 2010, a member of the American Nutrition Association, National Association of Professional Women, The New York Restaurant Association, International Caterers Association, and the International Association of Culinary Professionals. She is the founder of Clean Plate Culinary Inc. which was erected in 2011. Her team of expert Chefs and health partners work together to provide comprehensive services to help restore optimal health to their clients. Natasha draws from her native Caribbean culture when developing recipes with the team. This affords her the opportunity to make every meal memorable while taking clients on a culinary journey.

Natasha has also volunteered throughout the years by mentoring and advocating the rights for Women and children to heal and be free from Domestic Violence and Trafficking. One thing she realized that as many women and children began a new journey to heal from trauma, their wellbeing usually gets put on the back burner and was never truly addressed. Understanding the importance of a proper diet and the emotional state is essential if the goal is to continue the healing process. Her strength and knowledge in Food Therapy and Holistic Nutrition are used to successfully develop healthy eating initiatives within several organizations and with private clients. As a result people began to change their eating habits at home and influence others to do the same.